Welcome to my home yoga studio!

New Moon Yoga is a small, comfortable home yoga studio in Westboro Village. It offers an inviting place to learn and practice yoga and hopefully, give you some knowledge to apply in your everyday life.

Classes are small  4-6 people.  That means more personalized attention and a positive comfort zone.

What’s Available:

Hatha Classes: Sometimes we flow, sometimes we take the time to break down a pose. If there is something you want to work on just let me know.

Chair Yoga: The perfect alternative if you have an injury or trouble getting up and down from the mat. Helps with balance and getting deeper into poses. Don’t mistake Chair Yoga for easy yoga though. You still have to work it! I also add some Chair work into my Hatha classes periodically. If there is enough interest I will add a separate Chair class.

Yin Classes: Coming in September. Yin is the practice of taking the time to release into a pose. Poses are held from 5-7 minutes, allowing the discussion between your mind, your breath and your body to come together and settle in, to perhaps go even deeper into a pose. A perfect addition to your yoga practice.

Corporate classes: New Moon Yoga comes to you! More and more companies are realizing the benefits of yoga. Starting the day or taking that break during the work day to breath, stretch, and revitalize makes for more productive and happier employees.

So why delay? Make that change today!

See you on your mat.